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What can you do for the planet?

If you're a kid, you can create Earth Speakr messages and invite your friends to make more.

If you're a grown up, explore the Earth Speakr messages, create groups of messages – so-called Loud Speakrs – and share with others to amplify the topics that you find most relevant. Take your Loud Speakrs with you to demonstrate how you act in response to kids' concerns.

If you're an institution or part of a network, you can host an event and encourage kids to participate. Toolkits available on the website guide you in co-creating engaging activities for kids to explore the artwork and in bringing Earth Speakr into your existing programming.

If you work in politics, you can get involved by listening to what future constituents have to say and considering how you can best respond to the topics they raise. Eliasson hopes you will be inspired to bring Earth Speakr messages to the table to make kids feel met and heard.

Are you ready to listen to the future?

To get involved, contact Earth Speakr at

Events 2020


1 – 31 July 2020
Earth Speakr pop-up station at Dokk1
Dokk1, Aarhus Public Libraries (Aarhus, Denmark)

Visitors of Dokk1 are invited to discover Earth Speakr. Children and youth: Speak up for the planet!


1 – 2 July 2020
Earth Speakr @ Reading Camp
Dokk1, Aarhus Public Libraries (Aarhus, Denmark)

As part of Dokk1 Summer School program, over two days Reading Camp will explore Earth Speakr message creation in the library with parents and children through a series of fun and creative activities inspired from the Earth Speakr Library Toolkit.

Earth Speakr toolkits

Library toolkit

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