Discover Earth Speakr Toolkits

How can you listen to the future?

Use the Earth Speakr toolkits and activities as guides to bring the artwork into your programming in fun, adaptable ways – indoors and outdoors! With Earth Speakr you can engage your local community in a dialogue about the future of our planet in a unique way across borders. Adding Earth Speakr to your events can complement discussions on art, the climate, environment, social action, and the UN Sustainable Development Goals, by giving kids a platform to create new content and share their ideas. Amplify kids’ voices and learn from their unique perspectives.

Integrate Earth Speakr into your programming!

Earth Speakr is a collective artwork that invites kids to be artists. Follow the guide and choose the activity which fits your group of kids. Activities can be formed for individual work/exploration or tailored to pairs or groups. For kids under 12, smaller groups (up to 10 children) work best.  We welcome your creative interpretations! Example activities from all toolkits can be combined or adapted as inspiration to fit your needs.